Qettle 3-in-1

Hot, Cold & Filtered 100˚C Boiling Water
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Hot, Cold & Filtered 100˚C Boiling Water on Tap Large Capacity, 4 Litre Tank – Delivers up to 8 Cups of Boiling Water

QETTLE 3-in-1 is the ultimate QETTLE. The tap delivers flows of Mains hot and cold water, but also 100˚C boiling water. QETTLE 3-in-1 is one of just a small number of kitchen tap appliances that can do this – watch out for pretender products that typically manage anywhere between 80 - 98˚C.

Once you’ve used a boiling water tap, it’s likely you’ll wonder how you managed without one. Yes, you can make instant cups of coffee, tea and other hot drinks, but a QETTLE is also indispensable for making soup, stock, blanching veg and speeding up noodles, pasta and rice.

  • Truly 100˚C boiling. Tank stores water at 105˚C, so you really can make the perfect cuppa… Not to mention sterilise jam and pickle jars and even make baby formula.
  • Super safe to use. Comes with safety clip, which when in place, makes accessing boiling water impossible.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient. QETTLE costs just 3p a day to run, on standby.
  • Large capacity, insulated, CE approved 4 litre boiler tank – provides up to 8 cups
  • Fast tank recovery time. If you drain the tank, it’ll be just 10 minutes before you have boiling water on tap again.
  • Compact, easy-change filter cartridge housing – replace a filter cartridge in minutes.
  • Affordable, 98% biodegradable replacement filter cartridges.
  • LED display on tap lets you know when it’s time to replace the cartridge.
  • 2-year warranty; managed by the manufacturer
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and manufacturer-managed UK customer service team
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