Are Boiling Water Taps Safe?

Are Boiling Water Taps SafeThe concept of boiling water on tap is brilliant. But are boiling water taps safe? And what specific features should you look for when asking, ‘How safe is a boiling water tap?’ The best boiling water taps have multiple safety features such as safety clips and handle locks. A boiling water tap should be simple to use, but if you want to prevent vulnerable users from accessing boiling water, it pays to find a boiling water tap that gives you and your family peace of mind.

QETTLE’s Alexandra Rowe says,

“Boiling water tap safety is non-negotiable, so it goes without saying that a well-designed boiling water tap should offer integrated safety features. If you’re asking ‘are boiling water taps safe?‘ and you’re concerned about vulnerable adults or children, choose a tap that offers a ‘belt and braces’ approach to boiling water tap safety. Ideally, a safety clip, which when in place, makes it impossible for boiling water to be dispensed. But also, as a secondary precaution, a handle lock. Effectively, you’re looking for a boiling water tap with two-stage safety.”

When compared to a kettle, it could be suggested that a boiling water tap is safer. After all, a boiling water tap is fixed – and usually at the back of the sink. It dispenses relatively small amounts of boiling water and it cannot topple off a work surface, spilling up to 1.5 litres of boiling water. Unlike a kettle, a boiling water tap does not have a cable that can be grabbed or pulled. Neither is it heavy to lift. Boiling water tap handles and controls vary in design, but choose the right one for you, and you’ll find that getting boiling water straight into your mug, pan or teapot is much easier and safer than pouring from a kettle.

The simple, red safety clip used by QETTLE boiling water taps provides visual, as well as practical safety, whilst the handle lock gives secondary reassurance. A small button on the tap’s boiling/filtered water handle must be pressed down at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise. Only then can boiling water be dispensed. It’s a well-thought out design that makes the tap safe, without compromising on the simplicity of its operation.

So, are Boiling Water Taps Safe?

The Facts About Boiling Water Taps

Yes, boiling water taps are safe. In fact, we think boiling water taps are safer than boiling a kettle, saucepan or even using a microwave (48.4% US households use a microwave to boil water). There’s no need to lift a heavy kettle and you’ll mostly find that whatever you’re filling – a mug, jug or pan – can be lifted up to the boiling water tap’s spout.

Another safety feature to consider is whether the boiling water’s spout is insulated. Do your boiling water tap research and look for boiling water tap manufacturers with taps that feature cool-touch spouts.

Boiling Water Safety – Summing Up

So, in conclusion, do your homework, keep safety at the forefront of your boiling water tap research and you shouldn’t go far wrong. But for ease of reference, let’s summarize the essentials –

  • Boiling water taps that feature two-stage safety are best
  • Look for a boiling water that has both a safety and a handle lock
  • A brightly coloured safety clip such as the one used by QETTLE boiling water taps not only keeps you safe, but also serves as a visual reminder of what the tap does – it’s great for young children, vulnerable adults and even if you have guests who might not be familiar with boiling water taps
  • A boiling water tap should be safe without being tricky to use. If it’s a faff, you’ll never use the boiling water – and that’s not the point! So look for a tap that has great safety features, but that is still straightforward to use
  • Don’t forget to ask about additional safety features such as whether the tap’s spout is insulated
  • QETTLE boiling water taps start from £298.00