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QETTLE Customer
Verified Buyer: yes
Claire Wood
Just wanted to say I’ve had my qettle installed now for over a week and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It’s so simple to use, the parts mounted neatly under the sink and has just made it the most useful addition to my kitchen. The temperature difference from a normal kettle is so noticeably hotter and it really helps with other quick tasks such as sauces or even soaking pans.

My teens were initially worried about splatter, or turning the wrong handle, but you grow accustomed to it so quickly we don’t have to give it a second thought.

I’m thrilled with it and get a buzz everytime I make a cuppa!
Posted: 03/08/2021 15:18
QETTLE Customer
Verified Buyer: yes
John McGinnis
The new Spout arrived and 5 minutes later my tap was functioning as good as new!!! What can I say? I have used the internet for many years now, and I can state without a doubt, that my whole experience with you and your Company has been the best I have ever had. The quality of the tap is outstanding, your responses to my queries were met with sympathy, and rapid advice and support was freely given.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and all at QETTLE for your assistance.
Posted: 03/08/2021 15:18
Verified Buyer: yes
Qettle original
Bought my qettle tap in January waiting for a new kitchen to be fitted 1 small clip was missing from the filter when fitted .one phonecall and received the part the next day .been using for 4 days now love it .
Clutter free benches and constant
Hot and filter water
Posted: 01/08/2021 12:48
Verified Buyer: yes
Philip knowles
Wow from ordering to installing system, fantastic service everything needed was supplied, instructions really easy, my wife wasn’t sure until she first used it, the kettle tea pots have all gone, plus filtered water bonus, I would recommend and I have done ,once again thank you.
Posted: 17/07/2021 15:14
Verified Buyer: yes
Hi, had my tap installed yesterday-very impressed. James
Posted: 22/05/2021 08:54
QETTLE Customer
Verified Buyer: yes
Over The Moon
I am over the moon with the customer service we have received. It is truly rare these days that a company will do everything they can and as quick as they can to resolve an issue. I recommend your company to anyone who will listen. My brother has a competitors boiling water tap and they have had nothing but issues, it took six weeks just to get the correct filter to be able to use it for the first time.
Thank you so much for your help, I believe it’s time for a cuppa
Posted: 08/04/2021 16:03
Verified Buyer: yes
Excellent product
We had a delay between delivery & install that was completely down to our circumstances. Finally installed today & delighted with the 4 in 1 tap. Hubby was convinced he wanted a kettle but he was a convert after the first cuppa. Will happily recommend Qettle to everyone
Posted: 02/04/2021 21:24
Verified Buyer: yes
Faultless Service
Slight issue with the hot water tank causing a leak.  Our plumber spoke to Qettle and hopefully the issue will be resolved with some new screws.

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff
Posted: 11/01/2021 15:49
Verified Buyer: yes
Amazing tap amazing service
I had quite a lot of questions about the tap before I purchased I spoke to a lady called Sarah-Jane she was a great help & answered all my questions to make sure I got exactly what I wanted she was very helpful & friendly. When I ordered the tap I was told I should get it within 5 days & it arrived less than 24hours later. The tap is brill we had it fitted before Christmas it saved us loads of time throughout Christmas, boiling water for veg, making gravy, endless cups of tea & coffee also my daughter got a extra large hot water bottle for Christmas & wants it filling every night it would of been a night mare with a kettle but not a problem for the qettle boiling water tap. Can’t wait to get the water chiller ordered & fitted now.
Posted: 07/01/2021 13:22
Verified Buyer: yes
Brilliant Service
I had to phone up twice this moring with a little problem. The phone is answered by very friendly and helpful staff.  Turned out to be a tiny blockage in the filter that i could have just cleaned myself but instead they sent me a replacement part free of charge.

The tap itself is brilliant and i cant recommend Qettle enough
Posted: 20/11/2020 10:17
Verified Buyer: yes
Have just installed signature modern tap in gun metal finish.Absolutely marvellous piece of kit, very, very easy to install, superb instructions and guidance. Well done Qettle !!
Posted: 29/09/2020 14:25
QETTLE Customer
Verified Buyer: yes
Loving the tap
Dear Qettle People, we’ve had our tap for a few weeks now and I just wanted to let you know how much we love it. At first, we thought it wasn’t boiling or hot enough for tea, but then we found it had been switched off for some reason and we’d forgotten to turn it on again (whoops). Our plumber installed the system and he found it very easy to install. Also, it was delivered extremely quickly, all packaged beautifully and with clear instructions. Now I just have to find a phrase to replace “I’ll just go and put the kettle on.”
Posted: 28/07/2020 09:40
QETTLE Customer
Verified Buyer: yes
I just wanted to give u some praise. I’ve just fitted my 4in1 tap. Whoever came up with all the fitting instructions wants a pay rise. I’ve never fitted a hot water tap before, but I’m a builder of 20 years & and it’s so nice to fit something that is easy to follow & understand. All the instructions & tools that come with it & every foreseeable problem has been thought of. Really well done, outstanding. I will be singing your praises to every future customer. Great video on youTube as well. Thank you.
Posted: 28/07/2020 09:33
Verified Buyer: yes
Just Brilliant!
Placed an order today for ANOTHER Qettle as a gift for my daughter . A big thankyou to Alex and Nikki for a wonderful service.
My daughter will be thrilled .
Posted: 04/07/2020 12:21
QETTLE Customer
Verified Buyer: yes
Fantastic service
Can I just say what fantastic service I had from Qettle.

I had a couple of issues with my Qettle and I phoned your support line. The phone was answered by a very knowledgeable man who immediately worked out what the issues were. He had my contact details to hand and promised to send the parts first class. Amazingly these arrived the following morning with full instructions and tools. I was able to replace the parts easily and the Qettle is now working properly again.

It is great to have such fantastic quality after service, I will be selling the delights of Qettle to anyone that comes to the house.
Posted: 30/06/2020 08:53
Verified Buyer: yes
I Love It!
I love it! It took this girl about 5 hours to fit but the hardest part was removing the old tap! Instructions were very easy to follow and the only extra I needed was a 15mm compression tee. I had to contact the helpline regarding fitting the vent but everything was sorted within a few minutes 😊 Looking forward to boiling water on tap for my morning coffee!
Posted: 08/06/2020 21:18
Verified Buyer: yes
Very good service
The service was very good.  And fitting the actual tap and connecting it to the mains and installing the filter was easy - it works really well. You how we all like a good moan, well I have to say I have.nothing to moan about!
Posted: 05/05/2020 09:53
Verified Buyer: yes
So easy to install
So easy to install - worked first time and no leaks ! - not bad for my first plumbing job.
Posted: 30/04/2020 12:40
Verified Buyer: yes
QETTLE 4 in 1
Not only a great product and really innovative in the market, I have to write this review to call our the AMAZING customer service.

I had a couple of challenges with my 1 year old tap which were really easily rectifiable in the end. From flagging the question to recieving a response 1 hour later, and then getting parts 2 days later and videos on what to do, I really couldnt have asked for more

Wouldnt hesitate to reccomend and have to call our Daniel Hobday for being awesome.

Happy customer!
Posted: 29/03/2020 12:43
Verified Buyer: yes
Great tap - kettle - water filter and very good customer service
We are two adults and had the Quettle tap with the 4l tank running for almost two months now. We love it and it's been a good choice of size for us. Installation was straight forward and we have not had any issues since. The initial spout had a minor issue but it was very speedily and at no charge to us replaced.
What a luxury - I can even rinse my fruit & veg in filtered water! I have put away the old kettle and the Brita filter altogether. Many thanks Noah and team
Posted: 23/01/2020 22:26
Verified Buyer: yes
Perfect solution for hot water at the sink
Our QETTLE has been the perfect solution for hot water at the sink in our all-electric cottage. The equipment provided was so easy to install – and the instructions and video were superb. Further technical assistance given by Noah was invaluable. We would recommend this product unequivocally.
Posted: 20/01/2020 09:34
Verified Buyer: yes
Excellent Product. Easy Installation
Thanks to the excellent installation video on YouTube, fitting the system was an absolute doddle.  The only parts I needed were a 15mm compression tee and a 6” length of copper pipe - everything else was in the box. Fitting took me around two hours - I am no plumber but if you have basic diy skills, you watch the video and adhere to the instruction manual, you can’t go wrong. Lovely quality at an affordable price.
Posted: 10/11/2019 21:23
Verified Buyer: yes
Fantastic Tap
Had this tap for about 5 months ..amazing tap ..amazing service ..thank you Quettle
Posted: 30/08/2019 22:46
Verified Buyer: yes
Thank you for restoring my faith in good British Engineering
I spent an “enjoyable” few hours yesterday installing one of your 4 in one taps and I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the product and instructions.  Nice clear instructions, In English!  Written by people who clearly know the product.  The product itself worked first time, no leaks, no fuss just perfect.  Thank you for restoring my faith in good British Engineering.
Posted: 15/08/2019 11:08
Verified Buyer: yes
In summary we are delighted with your product and the service provided
The tap has now been installed and working for the last week.  We are very pleased with the unit and have quickly become accustomed to its usefulness.  The installation and commissioning instructions were clear, precise and easy to follow meaning installation only took a couple of hours with minimal disruption to the household and not much clean up once done.  As expected, all fittings and components were comparable with NZ standards, only had to change the electrical plug.  In summary we are delighted with your product and the service provided, we were impressed with how quickly you got it to NZ. Pity about the NZ$200.00 tax and import duties but it’s still competitively priced compared with local products off similar high quality.  Thanks again for your help and rest assured if friends or family are interested I will pass on your details.
Posted: 15/08/2019 11:02
Verified Buyer: yes
I’m so pleased we chose the 4 in 1 qettle tap- it’s been an absolutely brilliant purchase- especially since we got the cold water tank with it as well. No more squeezing cold water jugs into the fridge, less plastic waste, and better at drinking water. Hot tap great for a crowd needing tea and for cooking.  We managed to fit both tanks under our Belfast sink by cutting a whole in the floor of the cupboard to create the necessary height (we did get a plumber involved as we’re useless at DIY). Would highly recommend- we’re really pleased we got them. Particularly pleased that filters are a sensible price and degradable. I rang before buying to ask a few things and staff very helpful. If you’re thinking about it- go ahead. We haven’t been disappointed.
Posted: 10/07/2019 10:39
Verified Buyer: yes
Great product and service
I have just had the 4in1 tap fitted as part of my new kitchen install and we are so happy with our purchase. We looked at many other significantly more expensive brands but definitely made the right decision opting for Qettle. This looks and feels like a very good quality item and looks great in our new kitchen.

We always have had to filter our tap water due to the hardness which really affected the taste. Even with the brita filter in our kettle we would always get a layer of scum on the top of our tea. Not with the Qettle boiling water and filter. No scum just great tasting tea! The filtered cold water tastes sooooo much better too. Also its much more convenient having instant boiling water for cooking as well as hot drinks. Only been using it a few days but it really is something I wouldn't want to be without already.

The customer service is great too. I ordered the tap in March when the kitchen was still being planned, but customer services offered to start the guarantee when it was finally installed. It was also despatched so quickly. I ordered it Thursday pm and it arrived by Monday Very impressed all around
Posted: 07/05/2019 12:34
Verified Buyer: yes
Happy Customer !
We have had our Qettle for 2 weeks now and I cannot fault it at all!  We were looking to replace a kitchen tap and had thought about a oil btap.  As these are more expensive, and the ones we had looked at around £600-800 we had decided against it!  However, I found this tap (and seeing it was designed locally & had great Amazon reviews too). we decided the price was more reasonable.  I contacted the company to ask a few questions.  They replied quickly and were really helpful.

We use the boil tap for topping up the washing up as our boiler takes ages to heat!  This is great not just for instant cuppa's, but also for soaking greasy pans!  Also good for cooking as no need to pre-boil (and wait) for the kettle to boil.

Our in-laws have a Franke tap, which you have to hold back to keep the water flowing - no need with the Qettle, which makes it easier to use.

The tank under the sink does not make any noticeable noises (a friend of ours said her tap (not a Qetlle) sounded like a constantly boiling kettle).  

I would (and have) highly recommend this tap to anyone considering a boil tap.
Posted: 07/05/2019 10:05
Verified Buyer: yes
Utterly delighted
Now had our Qettle for four months and are utterly delighted with the combination of hot/cold/filtered and boiling water.  The latter is instant and very hot and we would thoroughly recommend this product.
Posted: 29/04/2019 13:19
Verified Buyer: yes
Nice bit of Kit
I installed a 4-in-1 to replace a Franke Minerva (3-in-1) that had suffered a failure. On removal the main tank of the Franke looks to have ruptured.
As this was a "brown field" install I had a few little issues to overcome - the Franke was installed at the time the Kitchen was fitted, so all the pipework was set to suit that system, slightly different install to the new 4-in-1. (We would have been happy with a 3-in1 as we have a water dispenser in the fridge, but they were out of stock).

The tap fitted easily into the hole in our granite worktop and using the supplied tools was tightened up in no time. the 4 feeds for the tap functions being easy to identify, - I had to extend the domestic hot & cold water feeds, they are quite short at about 300mm, the Franke tap pipes being over 600mm. This was achieved with a pair of tap tails from Screwfix at under £5 for the pair.
The Filter unit was a straight swap out for the previous, complete with the PRV so no issues there.
The other area of difficulty was the over-pressure drain, the system requires you to cut into an existing pipe and attach the whole assembly, I have a Maclaren space saver sink waste under the twin sinks, which runs very close to the sink bottoms, and meant that the supplied system would have stuck out above the worktop. 10 minutes in my "come-in-handy" plumbing box and I adapted it to attach to one of the appliance drain points (dishwasher/washing machine connections) I assume I am no longer fully WRAS spec, but really don't care. This required dismantling the riser piece and replacing it with a 3/4" nipple to take the NRV.
The boiler unit sits in the cupboard rather than under as per the Franke, but given the history of the Franke, that's no bad thing, once the above was sorted linking up the remaining pipes is easy.

The tap is nice, looks lovely and my wife prefers the boiling tap operation to the Franke - which is spring loaded - this allows you to leave the tap filling a pan or teapot and not stand getting splashed with boiling water. It took us a little while to adapt to not putting a squirt of filtered water in on the end of the boiling water - a more positive stop might help.
Domestic Hot & Cold water is fine, the filtered water isn't really a need for us as our fridge does this already, but has proved useful for topping up the coffee machine.
We live in a very hard water area, (North Lincolnshire, water from the chalk aquifer in the Wolds) so I am interested to see if the filter alarm triggers earlier than the 6 months indicated, as I suspect that the water hardness killed the previous boiler unit.

Very happy with the tap, we have had it in use for about 2 week's now, install took about 3 hours.
Longer tap tails, and an alternate over pressure drain that connects to a machine outlet - they are threaded - would be good.
Perhaps a more positive stop between boiling and filtered, but that's a minor issue.
My Sister inlaw is humming and harring - I suspect I will be fitting one for her in the next few weeks

(FYI - I am an experienced DIY/Self Builder, hence installed myself)
Posted: 21/03/2019 10:45
Verified Buyer: yes
Would highly recommend
I bought the 4 in1 tap, but needed some minor adjustments which Noah and the team did at no additional cost.  The tap is fantastic and customer service excellent.
Posted: 19/02/2019 14:25
Verified Buyer: yes
Fantastic product at a very reasonable price
I purchased the tap a few weeks ago after considering several different taps. I decided to contact you guys after reading online reviews and comparing specs.
It's now installed, and I can tell you that I am super happy with it. It works great and looks really nice in the kitchen. All over a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.
In addition, I have to say that your team has been a dream to communicate with. From my first mail to the final delivery your team has been very helpful, professional and kind.
I would be more than happy to send you some pictures, and feel free to use them in your newsletter.
You have a very happy customer in me, and I'll be sure to recommend you whenever I can.
Posted: 14/02/2019 13:32
Verified Buyer: yes
Fantastic product!
Everything about this purchase was perfect for me. The ordering process was simple, the delivery was quick and the communication excellent, that was before I got the product! It continued from there with a well packaged product, simple instructions and clearly labelled hoses with coloured tywraps and coloured dots on the corresponding connections. I carefully installed the product adding a pressure reduction valve and limescale inhibitor for good measure as I have had issues with another boiler in the past. This tap is different to what we was used to delivering true 100 degree water at the tap, yes there is a little "scum" on top but doesn't affect the taste and it does spit a little bit that's to be expected with the steam. The quality of the tap is good and I'm sure it will last many years. If I was to pick on anything compared to the quality of everything else the instructions, although the content excellent would give a better impression of it was a published booklet.
Posted: 24/12/2018 10:10