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Designed in the UK
QETTLE Boiling Water Tap

100°C WATER, 100% GENIUS


Brilliant, British designed QETTLE is the 100°C boiling water tap that won’t bust the budget. Multi-tasking, multi-patented and manufacturer-direct, QETTLE is the ultimate kitchen tap. Get your QETTLE in and your kettle out from just £49.80 per month.


Get the QETTLE Original to replace your existing tap with 4 different flows or the QETTLE Mini to compliment any kitchen with boiling and cold filtered water.


Whatever your choice, know that when you choose a QETTLE tap, you choose award-winning ingenuity, simple installation, safety and most importantly, truly boiling, 100°C water on tap.


QETTLE. Is your tap that clever?

What does QETTLE® do?

See exactly how a QETTLE tap works. Find out how QETTLE Original dispenses true, 100°C boiling water,filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows, from a single spout.

Why is QETTLE® Such Good Value?

Buying a boiling water tap is a big decision. Understand why QETTLE is probably the best value boiling water tap available!



The QETTLE Mini is the ideal addition to your kitchen. Dispensing 100°C boiling water and cold, filtered drinking water the QETTLE Mini is convenient and starts at just £298.

QETTLE Original


The QETTLE Original is the perfect replacement for your tap. Our 4-in-1 tap which, as well as 100°C boiling water and cold filtered water, also gives you standard hot and cold flows.

We are Qettle
Designed in the UK

Designed by Our Engineers in the UK

QETTLE's award-winning design is the latest chapter in our family's fifty year story of kitchen tap innovation. Superbly engineered, QETTLE taps are for everyone, in every home.