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Designed in the UK
QETTLE Boiling Water Tap

UK's Leading Manufacturer of Boiling Water Taps

100°C WATER, 100% GENIUS

Brilliant, British designed QETTLE is the 100°C boiling water tap that won’t bust the budget. Multi-tasking, multi-patented and manufacturer-direct, QETTLE is the ultimate kitchen tap. Get your QETTLE in and your kettle out from just £49.80 per month.


Get the QETTLE Original to replace your existing tap with 4 different flows or the QETTLE Mini to compliment any kitchen with boiling and cold filtered water.


Whatever your choice, know that when you choose a QETTLE tap, you choose award-winning ingenuity, simple installation, safety and most importantly, truly boiling, 100°C water on tap.


QETTLE. Is your tap that clever?

What does QETTLE® do?

See exactly how a QETTLE tap works. Find out how QETTLE Original dispenses true, 100°C boiling water,filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows, from a single spout.

Why is QETTLE® Such Good Value?

Buying a boiling water tap is a big decision. Understand why QETTLE is probably the best value boiling water tap available!



The QETTLE Mini is the ideal addition to your kitchen. Dispensing 100°C boiling water and cold, filtered drinking water the QETTLE Mini is convenient and starts at just £298.

QETTLE Original


The QETTLE Original is the perfect replacement for your tap. Our 4-in-1 tap which, as well as 100°C boiling water and cold filtered water, also gives you standard hot and cold flows.


I love my QETTLE! I had no idea I'd love a tap so much but going from a kettle to a QETTLE has been awesome. I even make other people tea now...

Shelley Burrows Feb 21, 2020

I've just installed my 4L Qettle. Very nicely engineered. Straightforward to install with good instructions. Beautiful Tap. Works a treat. Half the price of the competition. So there's only one answer isn't there. Save lots of money, buy a Qettle instead of any other make and you'll be buying British too

Robin Pearce Feb 2, 2020

Great service. Thanks QETTLE

Connall Shurey Jan 15, 2020

Having bought a qettle boiling tap 6 months ago I have got to say I am very pleased with everything about it its excellent value for money and the build quality is first class very very good product and would highly recommend

John Dearn Dec 14, 2019

Can I just say how hugely impressed I’ve been with Qettle. The product has been totally fantastic, so great not to have a kettle anymore and a real asset for cooking. We had a small problem with the tap, which was resolved in less than 24 hours with very little hassle. I wish I had customer service like that from some larger companies. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another product from them. Cheaper and better quality than many bigger brands.

Richard Evans Nov 22, 2019

I bought the 4 in1 tap, but needed some minor adjustments which Noah and the team did at no additional cost. The tap is fantastic and customer service excellent. Would highly recommend.

Nicola Gold Mar 14, 2019
How does a boiling water tap work?

How do boiling water taps work?

To understand how a boiling water tap works, try thinking of its boiler tank, which sits underneath your kitchen sink, as a big kettle. The tank feeds boiling hot water to the tap. Usually, a boiling water tap will also have an undersink filter system. A QETTLE Original 4 in 1 does as you’d expect – four flows of water from a single spout – 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows.

Are boiling water taps safe?

Are boiling water taps safe?

Boiling water tap designs differ, but as a rule, you should be looking for a boiling water tap that offers two-stage safety at the least. All QETTLE taps have a safety clip and a handle lock. Once the clip has been removed, a button on the top of the tap’s boiling water handle must be pressed down at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise. This video is really worth a watch – QETTLE’s safety features are expertly explained.

How to choose the right QETTLE for you

the facts about boiling water taps

You’d think boiling would mean 100°C water, wouldn’t you? But beware, because not all taps advertised as boiling dispense truly boiling water. In fact, a temperature anywhere from 85-98°C is much more likely. And that’s no good for a proper cuppa! Something else to consider when buying your boiling water tap is ongoing costs. For example, how much will replacement filter cartridges cost and how often will they require replacing?

We are Qettle
Designed in the UK

Designed by Our Engineers in the UK

QETTLE's award-winning design is the latest chapter in our family's fifty year story of kitchen tap innovation. Superbly engineered, QETTLE taps are for everyone, in every home.