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Why would I choose a QETTLE Mini?

Should I choose a 2 or 4 litre boiler tank?

Is QETTLE Mini safe?

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  • Does the tap offer cold filtered drinking water in addition to boiling water?
    Yes, QETTLE Mini is a 2 in 1 tap, that offers both cold filtered drinking water and true, 100°C boiling water.
  • How do you operate QETTLE Mini?
    Using QETTLE Mini couldn’t be easier. To dispense boiling water, QETTLE Mini’s safety clip must first be removed. Then, a button on the tap’s handle is pressed down at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise. For cold filtered drinking water, there is no need to remove the safety clip. The handle is simply turned anti-clockwise.
  • How much boiling water will I get?
    QETTLE Mini can be specified with a 2 or 4 litre boiler tank. The 2 litre tank will give you 4 cups of boiling water in one go; the 4 litre tank will dispense 8 cups of boiling water in one go.
  • If i use all the boiling water, how long will the boiler tank take to recover?
    10 minutes.
  • I live in a hard water area. Is this a problem?
    Hard water affects over 50% of the UK, but it is still variable within those areas. The Q08 filter cartridge that is supplied with QETTLE Mini has been especially formulated to protect the boiler’s heating element from the adverse effects of limescale. This is why it so important for filter cartridges to be replaced every 6 months.


  • What safety features does the tap have?
    QETTLE Mini features QETTLE’s two-stage safety. The first is a safety clip, which, when in place, makes dispensing boiling water impossible. But even with the safety clip removed, accessing boiling water is still an exacting action. A button on QETTLE Mini’s handle must be pushed down at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise. It is very precise, and very safe.
  • Does the tap's spout get hot when boiling water is being dispensed?
    No. Apart from the tip of the spout, the surface of QETTLE Mini’s spout is safe to touch as it is not in direct contact with boiling water.
  • Does the boiling water vent directly through the tap's spout?
    No, it doesn’t. Unlike many other hot water taps which periodically release pressure by venting steam and near-boiling water periodically from their spouts, the QETTLE boiler tank has a built-in pressure relief valve (PRV), which vents directly into the sink’s waste pipe.

    Filter systems & Aftercare

  • How often will the filter cartridge need replacing?
    Your QETTLE Mini’s Q08 filter cartridge must be replaced every 6 months to maintain your system’s warranty and ensure consistent performance. It’s easy to change the filter cartridge and if you register your QETTLE Mini, we’ll send you a friendly reminder. Plus, your QETTLE Mini has a small LED on its base; when a new filter cartridge is required, the LED will flash red.
  • What does the supplied filter cartridge do?
    The QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge has been specially formulated to do two jobs: provide high quality drinking water and protect the boiler tank. The Q08 filter cartridge will remove sediment, chlorine and a range of unwanted chemical contaminants from your flow of filtered drinking water, whilst also working hard to protect the boiler tank from the effects of limescale and corrosion.


  • How much does it cost to run?
    Not as much as you might think. Due to the sophisticated nature of its construction, QETTLE is extremely energy efficient and consumes very little power. Leave your QETTLE Mini on standby for 24 hours and it will consume approximately 0.8 watts of electricity. Based on a tariff of £0.14 pence/kwh, this means that QETTLE costs just £0.03 pence to run a day*. Making the equivalent of 10 mugs (300ml) of boiling water a day would cost as little as £0.10 pence in total. *Based on a 4 litre boiler tank.
  • Will I have to buy other bits and pieces to install a QETTLE?
    No. QETTLE Mini is supplied complete with everything needed for installation, including a filter unit. The only additional part that might possibly be required is a pressure reducing valve. This would be needed in the event that your water pressure is excessively high – 5 bar (75psi) or above. You can purchase a pressure reducing valve from the QETTLE web site here
  • How much does the QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge cost?
    Currently, the replacement Q08 filter cartridge, which is used by all QETTLE taps, costs £26.95 inc VAT & UK shipping. It is available from and also from eBay and Amazon.


  • Where is the best place to fit a QETTLE Mini?
    It’s entirely up to you! QETTLE Mini can be fitted alongside your existing kitchen tap, or you might choose to fit it on an island unit, with its own prep sink. Alternatively, QETTLE Mini would be great in a utility room or in a kitchenette.
  • What's involved with installing a QETTLE Mini?
    QETTLE Mini is straightforward to install and should be an easy job for any plumber or even a competent DIY-er. When we designed QETTLE Mini, great attention was paid to ensuring an easy, fuss-free fit. No specialist tools are needed and as long as there is a conveniently positioned, 13 amp power socket for the boiler tank, a typical QETTLE installation shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 hours.

    The Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers ( can help you find a reputable plumber, local to you
  • How much space under the kitchen sink does the boiler tank and filter system take up?
    Whether you choose a 2 litre or 4 litre boiler tank, you should still have plenty of space left under your kitchen sink. A standard 600mm wide kitchen base cabinet will easily accommodate QETTLE Mini – find further dimensions of the boiler tanks and filter system here.
  • I've got a gravity-fed plumbing system. Will the QETTLE be okay?
    For a satisfactory performance, QETTLE requires a minimum water pressure of 1.5 bar (23psi). It will work on a gravity fed hot water system, but you are unlikely to be happy with the flow. If your hot water pressure is too low, we recommend that you install a suitable booster pump.
  • How could my water softener affect tap installation?


  • What is the warranty period?
    QETTLE Mini comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, which is managed and administered by us and our own QETTLE customer care team. We do not use third party aftercare.
  • Does QETTLE need and servicing or maintenance?
    No specialist servicing or maintenance is required. However, it is very important to ensure you replace your QETTLE’s filter cartridge at regular, six monthly intervals. This is because the filter cartridge prevents limescale from damaging the boiler tank and removes unpleasant tastes and odours from your tap’s flow of filtered drinking water.