About us

The Rowe's


QETTLE is part of our family-owned business, Greg Rowe Limited, which has lived and breathed kitchen tap design for two generations. The Rowe name is synonymous with innovation - we are proud game-changers and blueprint makers.

We have been responsible for transforming the humble kitchen tap into a multi-functional, must-have product. We co-designed and patented the first 3 in 1 kitchen tap and introduced the concept of instant hot water taps as well as popularising the stand-alone rinse.

In 2004, we forecast the future of taps would include 4 in 1 functionality. Today, that prediction has been proven in the form of our award-winning QETTLE.


QETTLE is the latest chapter in a lifetime’s commitment to brilliant design and engineering excellence. Our story starts with Greg Rowe Snr, whose remarkable career began at Barking Brassware in the UK. With Bob Perrin - a fellow, like-minded employee – Greg would go on to co-design Triflow® and to establish the eponymous luxury brand, Perrin & Rowe®*. 

But once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. And, having discovered that retirement was not for him, Greg became determined to put his ideas for a multi-tasking kitchen tap into production. That design – the first design for a mechanical 4 in 1 kitchen tap – became QETTLE and holds fully granted, global patents.


We are a family in every sense; call QETTLE with a technical query, and it’s likely you’ll speak to someone who’s been involved not only with the development of QETTLE from the beginning, but who might have started their working life with us, as an apprentice, over 20 years ago. Today, those apprentices have their own apprentices – and we are proud to continue to invest in people and the designers and engineers of the future.

* Triflow is a registered trademark of Triflow Concepts Limited. Perrin & Rowe is a registered trademark of TCLManufacturing/Fortune Brands Home & Security.