True, 100°C boiling water and filtered drinking water.

Two-stage safety, a choice of ambient or chilled filtered water, a selection of colour finishes plus easy installation.






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QETTLE Four Way Flow

Better by Design

Today, a tap is no longer just a tap. It has evolved from a humble fixture into a multi-tasking appliance. A must-have product that by combining convenience, energy efficiency, safety and style, tops many a kitchen makeover’s wish list.

We believe there is a QETTLE for every kitchen, and QETTLE boiling water taps truly are better by design. Their ingenious, patented construction enables us to offer a more accessible range, without compromising on quality, performance or aesthetics. Put simply, whatever QETTLE you choose, you will always be assured of true, 100°C boiling water and filtered drinking water.

Brilliant, British-designed and manufactured boiling water taps that give you 100°C boiling water so you can make a proper cuppa.

Simple and safe to use, a choice of ambient or chilled water, easy to install and cost-efficient, there's a QETTLE for everyone and every pocket, too.

QETTLE. Is your tap that clever?

Efficient 100°C Boiling Water

True, 100°C boiling water straight from the tap. Your QETTLE is energy efficient and you'll only use the amount of water you require when you need it. Your tap will soon become indispensable for everything from hot drinks, speedy noodles, porridge and soup, to filling pans of boiling water for rice, pasta and veggies.

Two-Stage Safety

All QETTLE taps come with a safety clip which provides peace of mind for all the family. When in place, this clip makes accessing boiling water impossible but still allows access to filtered drinking water. When removed, an exact action is still required to obtain boiling water. Your QETTLE's spout is insulated too, so apart from the tip, is always safe to touch.

Chilled Filtered Drinking Water

Reduce the amount of plastic you use and enjoy refreshing drinking water, fridge-cold when choosing the chilled option. Top up for the day ahead, stay hydrated all year round and even treat your house plants to a contaminant-free soak.

QETTLE Original

FROM £545.00

Signature Classic

FROM £785.00

Signature Modern

FROM £785.00


FROM £470.00

Signature Mini

FROM £615.00

QETTLE Chiller

FROM £375.00