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Tip Top Tap Condition

Your QETTLE is probably one of the hardest working items in your home. But, we’ve made it easy to keep those QETTLE cuppas coming. All taps should have their filter cartridges replaced twice a year and boiler tanks should be deep cleaned annually.

The filter cartridge helps to reduce the harmful effects that limescale can cause to your QETTLE tank’s heating element, and also removes unpleasant contaminants from the flow of filtered drinking water. So ensuring your QETTLE's filter cartridge is regularly replaced is really important. It’s an easy, 10 minute job you can do yourself.

Deep cleaning your tap’s boiler tank is also essential tank TLC. The procedure will flush out any build-up of debris or residues inside the tank. It’s a simple process, and as easy as replacing a filter cartridge.

Why You Need to
Change Your Cartridge

Why You Need to
deep clean your tank

Q08 Filter Cartridge + Kilrock

The Q08 cartridge has been specially formulated from superior quality carbon block and is extremely effective at removing chlorine, chemicals and sediment from the flow of filtered drinking water.

The cartridge also helps to prevent limescale from forming, thus protecting the heating element inside the boiler tank from being damaged. It is essential to replace the filter cartridge twice a year.


Kilrock Deep Clean Tank Cleaner

Kilrock is our cleaning fluid of choice for carrying out a deep clean of your QETTLE’s boiler tank. It is a tried and trusted cleaner that will tackle any limescale deposits or residue that, over time, will build up inside the boiler tank and impede its performance.

Deep cleaning the boiler tank is an easy procedure that you can carry out yourself.


Sparkle & Shine

Keeping your QETTLE tap in box-fresh condition is easy.

We're fans of old-fashioned, eco-friendly cleaning methods and materials. Abrasive or chemical-based cleaners should never be used.

Watch Sarah and Dan discuss cleaning do's and dont's.



  • What sort of maintenance does a QETTLE tap need?

    A QETTLE tap and system has two, simple maintenance requirements – its filter cartridge will require replacing twice a year, and its boiler tank will need an annual deep clean. Both are easy, routine jobs that you can do yourself and that are inexpensive. We’ll send you a friendly reminder to let you know when your filter cartridge needs replacing (also watch out for the LED on the base of your tap to flash red) and when it’s time to deep clean your tap’s tank. Filter cartridges cost under £30.00 and tank cleaner costs under £10.00.

  • How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

    You should replace your QETTLE’s filter cartridge twice a year.

  • Does the QETTLE boiler tank need any cleaning?

    Yes. The QETTLE tank should be deep cleaned annually. This is an easy, inexpensive procedure that you can do yourself.

  • What should I use to clean my QETTLE tap?

    Generally, warm soapy water or diluted washing up liquid will keep your QETTLE’s finish looking as good as new. Finish by patting dry with a soft, microfibre cloth.

    Chrome and coloured finishes (copper, brass, matt black and gunmetal) should be treated with particular care and never be subjected to harsh, abrasive cleaning materials. Stainless steel and coloured finishes will benefit from a tiny amount of baby oil.

  • I need to clean my tap’s aerator. How do I do that?

    Occasionally, tiny pieces of debris (eg from building, plumbing or in a new home) can block your tap’s aearator, which will typically result in a less than smooth flow of water. Cleaning the aerator is easy. Simply unscrew the end of your tap, carefully remove the mesh insert and use a natural bristle brush to dislodge any fine particles. Take care not to lose the little O ring just inside the outlet – and ensure it is properly in place when you put it back together.

QETTLE Mini making hot chocolate


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QETTLE Original

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