Signature Modern

Beautifully engineered from marine grade stainless steel in the UK, QETTLE Signature Modern taps offer 4 in 1 functionality and are sure to make a statement at your sink.


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Key Features

100°C Boiling Water

True, 100°C boiling water straight from the tap, ensuring every cuppa is a proper cuppa! Alongside your filtered drinking water, plus hot and cold flows.

Engineered Stainless Steel

Beautifully engineered from marine grade stainless steel, featuring tactile knurled handle detailing, for a timeless and robust finish.

Glorious Colour Finishes

Every tap is unique. Using a PVD process ensures a lustrous, highly durable finish in brass, copper, gunmetal or black.

Brilliantly British

Proudly designed and engineered in the UK by a family-run business.

Filtered Drinking Water

Reduce plastic waste and enjoy refreshing contaminant-free drinking water or add a QETTLE Chiller for refreshingly chilled water.

Safe & Easy

Two-stage safety and a cool-touch spout provide peace of mind for everyone.

in Colour

Choose a colour

QETTLE Modern Stainless Steel
QETTLE Modern Black
QETTLE Modern Brass
QETTLE Modern Gun Metal
QETTLE Modern Copper

Whats In the Box

The Q08 is the water conditioning cartridge for use with QETTLE boiling water taps. It has been specially formulated from superior quality, extruded carbon block and is extremely effective at removing chlorine, chemicals and sediment from your QETTLE's flow of filtered drinking water. The Q08 also works hard to prevent limescale from adhering to the heating element inside your QETTLE's boiler tank.
All of the fitting components and parts needed for a standard tap system fitting. Does not contain a pressure reducing valve.
Simple and clear installation guide for keen DIYers and installers alike. There’s also an installation video on our YouTube channel.
Select from 2, 4 or 7 litre boiler tanks for 4, 8 or 14 cups of boiling water in one go.
Housing for the filter cartridge which connects the mains water, the boiler tank and the tap.

Patented Technology

Insulated Spout

Insulation ensures the spout, apart from the tip, is always safe to touch.

2 Stage Safety

When the safety clip is removed, the button must be pushed down and the handle turned at the same.

4x Integrated Waterways

Four separate waterways carry normal hot & cold, filtered water & boiling water. No electronic components.

Designed for Safety,
Engineered for Performance

Over 50 years of leading UK innovation, design and engineering brings QETTLEs to thousands of homes each year.

From the unrivalled value of QETTLE Original to the glorious style of QETTLE Signature colour finishes, our taps deliver unmatched safety and efficiency.

QETTLE’s patented design ingenuity featuring four separate inlet hoses deliver the exact amount of true, 100℃ boiling or filtered drinking water, when you need it.

Insulation ensures the spout, apart from the tip, is always safe to touch and once the safety cap is removed, our safety button means an exact action is required to dispense boiling water. The button must be pushed down and the handle turned at the same time.

Energy efficient boiler tanks are insulated to maintain optimum 100℃ temperature to ensure great-tasting water, every time.


Base to Spout248mm
Spout Width229mm
Spout Width + Water Throw291mm
Handle Width148mm
Extended Handle from Tap Centre100mm
Base Width46mm
Hole Diameter35mm
Base to Spout229mm
Spout Width230mm
Spout Width + Water Throw230mm
Handle Width148mm
Extended Handle from Tap Centre100mm
Base Width46mm
Hole Diameter35mm
Height Clearance370mm470mm470mm
Capacity4 cups8 cups14 cups
Height Clearance470mm
Screw Width36mm


Keeping your QETTLE tap in tip top condition is easy. You should replace your QETTLE’s filter cartridge twice a year and deep clean your tap’s boiler tank annually. Both are quick and easy jobs you can do yourself, without the need for an engineer or making a dent in your pocket.


Taps that Complement

Match a second sink with a complementary mixer tap or 2-in-1 Signature Mini

In Action

QETTLE in Action
QETTLE in action

QETTLE Original

FROM £545.00

Signature Classic

FROM £785.00

Signature Modern

FROM £785.00


FROM £470.00

Signature Mini

FROM £615.00

QETTLE Chiller

FROM £375.00

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do boiling water taps work?
    Watch QETTLE's Todd and Dan explain how a boiling water tap works, and understand the difference between a true boiling water tap and an instant hot water tap. A QETTLE tap is connected to an undersink boiler tank and filter system. Boiling water taps are indispensable for everything from instant hot drinks to speedy pans of boiling water for pasta, rice and vegetables. The best boiling water taps are 4 in 1 taps, which in addition to boiling water, also provide filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows of water.
  • How much is a boiling water tap?
    At around just over £500.00 for a complete QETTLE boiling water tap, QETTLE is much more affordable than other 100°C boiling water taps. However, our secret is the ingenious, fully patented tech inside a QETTLE tap. Unlike other boiling water taps, QETTLE does not use expensive, electronic parts. Instead, it uses an award-winning, British-designed mechanical internal system which significantly reduces its cost. Maintenance is simple and inexpensive, and no specialist servicing is required. We have been innovating multi-functional kitchen taps for over 50 years, and we are justly proud of QETTLE’s clever design, performance and affordability. Why not spread the cost of your QETTLE by opting for our new, easy payments with 0% interest?
  • How much does it cost to run?

    On standby, our 4L boiler tank uses 39W. Based on an electricity cost of 28p per kWh, this means the daily running cost of a QETTLE would be 26p.

    If you used 4 cups of boiling water a day, this would add 3.5p to the daily running cost - working out at a cost of just under a penny per cup.

    Please note the usage/cost can differ depending upon whether cups are drawn separately or at the same time.

    Published cost per unit (kWh) of electricity

    Enter the price, per unit, in pence (for example 28)

  • Are boiling water taps safe?
    A QETTLE boiling water tap could be considered as much safer than a kettle. Not only do QETTLE boiling water taps feature two-stage safety and a cool-touch spout, but, unlike a kettle, they are fixed in one place, cannot be pulled by a cable, and cannot topple over, spilling dangerous volumes of boiling water. All QETTLE taps come with a safety clip. When in place, the clip makes it impossible for boiling water to be dispensed. But even with the clip removed, it is still necessary for the tap’s handle lock to be deactivated before boiling water can be accessed. A small button on the tap’s handle must be pressed down at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise. Only then can boiling water be dispensed.
  • What size are the boiler tanks?
    There are three sizes of boiler tanks. 2L, 4L and 7L. A 2L tank provides up to 4 cups of boiling water in one go and is ideal for two-people households. 4L tanks deliver up to 8 cups of boiling water in one go and are our best-selling tank. A 7L boiler tank will provide up to 14 cups of boiling water in one go, so is ideal for larger families and small office/commercial environments.
    QETTLE Boiler Sizes - 2L, 4L and 7L





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