Time saving tea, ninja fast noodles, quick coffees, breakneck breakfast oats and chilled, filtered water on tap. All with QETTLE Workplace.

What could be better than instant, truly boiling water and chilled filtered drinking water on tap, in your workplace? Create greener, more energy-efficient breakout areas. Put an end to time-consuming tea rounds and make wasting time around the water cooler a thing of the past.




Truly 100°C boiling. easy to use. cost & energy efficient

QETTLE taps are truly, 100°C boiling. So they’re not only great for instant cuppas but are ideal for staff grabbing snacks on the go such as noodles, porridge and soup. You and your team will only ever use the boiling water you need, you’ll be quids-in on utility bills and best of all, no one will ever lose half an hour to the tea round again: you’ll get up to 14 cups of boiling water instantly, in one go.

freshly filtered,
chilled drinking water on tap

Give your water cooler its P45 and fill your glass or water bottle straight from your workplace’s QETTLE. There’s a plentiful flow of chilled, great-tasting drinking water that is free from chlorine, chemicals and other, unpleasant contaminants. The QETTLE Chiller will provide up to 1.2 litres of refreshingly cool – 3-6°C – water at once.

rental & servicing – the easiest way to get your QETTLE in!

When it comes to getting your QETTLE in and taking care of it, we’ve got it covered. Our QETTLE Workplace Rental & Servicing package means the only thing you and your team need to worry about is the next cuppa, or keeping your glass topped up. And with a QETTLE, your glass will always be half full.

A greener way to work

Workplace waste is scary. Where vending machine and water coolers are available, a full time worker uses up to 500 ‘disposable’ cups a year. Then there’s the mostly unrecyclable paper cups brought in from coffee shops, and plastic water bottles, too. A QETTLE allows you and your team to reuse the same mugs, glasses and water bottles.

how it works

Rent your workplace's QETTLE for a monthly, all-in rental/servicing fee. It's simple and surprisingly affordable. It costs from just £91 per month (+VAT) to rent a QETTLE tap - and that's for a complete system, including a chiller. Every 6 months, we'll service your QETTLE and our comprehensive support plan ensures we'll be here, ready to help if you experience any technical issues.

We'll carry out a full site survey, will install your QETTLE for a one-off charge and will provide an online familiarisation session for you and your team.

Purchase and servicing plans are also available.

Enquire Now

It’s easy to get a QETTLE in your workplace. Just complete our simple enquiry form and one of the QETTLE Workplace Team will be in touch.


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QETTLE workplace FAQS

How Rental & Servicing Works
  • How much does it cost to rent a QETTLE tap?

    Our rental and servicing packages start at £91 (+VAT) per QETTLE, per month. This includes the tap, the system, a chiller if required and 6 monthly servicing, plus technical and engineer support.

  • What does rental include?

    You’ll receive a QETTLE Signature 4 in 1 tap, its undersink filter system, a 7L boiler tank, a chiller unit and a floodsafe device. The monthly rental fee also includes twice-yearly servicing and maintenance by a QETTLE Workplace engineer, which will include replacing your QETTLE’s filter cartridge and deep cleaning its boiler tank.

  • What about engineer call outs?

    If necessary, engineer call outs will be covered by your servicing and maintenance agreement.

  • Who installs the tap?

    We do. A QETTLE Workplace engineer will install and commission your tap. We make a one-off installation charge for this service.

  • How long do I have to sign up for?

    QETTLE Workplace Rental & Servicing packages have a minimum term of 3 years.

  • What happens if my business decides to move premises?

    The rental and servicing of your QETTLE taps can be transferred to the new occupants of your site. Alternatively, if you would like to rent a QETTLE for your workplace, but are considering a move in the near future, let us know, and we will provide you with a tailored rental and servicing plan.

  • Facts, Functionality, Safety & Efficiency
  • How much boiling water will I get?
    Our 7L boiler tanks will provide up to 14 cups of boiling water in one go. If the tank is exhausted, there’s a 15 minute regeneration time.
  • How much does it cost to run a QETTLE?
    A QETTLE with a 7L boiler tank will costs just over 24p to run i.e. have on stand-by over 24 hours. You’ll also save on water – with a QETTLE you’ll only ever use the exact amount of boiling water you need. The biggest saving, however, is people time! A QETTLE means goodbye to time spent waiting for the kettle to boil, making rounds of tea, or standing around the water cooler!
  • What about safety?
    QETTLE taps are very safe and feature two-stage safety. When the safety clip is in place, accessing boiling water is impossible. But even with the safety clip removed, an exact action is still required to activate the flow of boiling water. The handle must be pushed down and turned back simultaneously.
  • Can you supply fizzy/sparkling water?
    Not yet, but it is in the pipeline. We’re working hard to provide this – and the good news is that the carbonation unit will be retrofittable. So, you easily offer fizzy/sparkling water at a later date!
  • Can we have our QETTLE(s) in a coloured finish?
    Yes. We offer matte black, copper, brass and gunmetal. The monthly rental and servicing fee for coloured finishes is slightly higher.
Pre-Installation Preparation
  • Do I need a power socket below the sink?
    Yes – a double power socket. The QETTLE and the QETTLE Chiller both require a normal, 13amp electrical socket.
  • Does the cupboard need to be ventilated?
    Yes, it does. This is very important. If practical, ventilation holes can be drilled into the rear of the cupboard wall (not suitable if the installation is above ground floor); alternatively, ventilation holes can be drilled into the kickspace of the cupboard and a grille fitted. Watch our video to learn more.
  • What sort of water pressure does my workplace need?
    QETTLE taps require a minimum of 1.5 bar water pressure on hot and cold water flows. If pressure exceeds 5 bar, a pressure reducing valve will need to be fitted. A floodsafe device is included as standard in all QETTLE Workplace rental and servicing packages. This protects against water pressure surges (common in commercial buildings) and will shut the tap down if any water escape is detected..
  • What about space under the sink? How much will I need?
    QETTLE is surprisingly compact! The 7L boiler tank measures H385mm x W235mm x D295mm and the QETTLE Chiller measures H354mm x W182mm x D230mm. Both, plus the undersink filter system and floodsafe device will fit into a 600mm wide base cupboard. If necessary, the boiler tank or chiller can be installed in an immediately adjacent cupboard.
  • My workplace kitchen doesn’t have mains hot water to the sink. Is this a problem?
    No. We can supply your QETTLE with blender valve. As its name suggests, the valve blends a little of the QETTLE’s boiling water with a little mains cold water. The mixed flow is sent to the QETTLE’s ‘normal’ hot side, providing a flow of normal hot water for washing up.

    This is a great solution if your workplace relies on a wall-mounted hot water heater – but do remember you’ll be losing a small amount of your QETTLE’s boiling water to create the flow of normal hot water!
  • We want to replace our existing instant hot/boiling water taps with QETTLEs. But they don’t have sinks – just drip trays. Do I need a full size sink, or can I continue to use the drip tray?
    A QETTLE 4 in 1 tap shouldn’t be used with a drip tray, because the drip tray would not be able to cope with the tap’s flows of normal hot and normal cold water – it would overflow. In this situation, we would suggest replacing the drip tray with a compact sink or blanking the drip tray off. Depending upon the amount of refurbishment work you want to do, you could also completely replace the work surface and sinks.

    A QETTLE Signature Mini 2 in 1 could be used with a drip tray. Our mini QETTLEs dispense just boiling water and filtered drinking water – so there is no ‘normal’ flow of hot or cold water to worry about.
  • Do you drill the hole for the tap?
    No, we don’t. Our QETTLE Workplace engineer will expect the tap hole and ventilation holes in the kitchen cupboard to have been drilled prior to installation. You can download our QETTLE installation guide here to check tap hole dimensions.

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