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Have You Kilrocked Your QETTLE?

Your QETTLE tap is probably one of the hardest working items in your home. So ensuring its boiler tank gets an annual deep clean is essential. Fortunately, deep cleaning your QETTLE’s tank is a simple, inexpensive job you can do yourself. In fact, it’s no more difficult than replacing your tap’s filter cartridge – and will ensure all those QETTLE cuppas keep on coming.

Dan Hobday, QETTLE’s Customer Services Manager says

“Doing a tank deep clean is really easy, routine maintenance. It doesn’t take long and will ensure your tap’s boiler tank can give you its best performance – which basically means plentiful cuppas and a decent, uncompromised flow of boiling water. You only need to do it once a year, it’s under £10.00, and you can do it yourself.”


Why do I need to deep clean my QETTLE’s boiler tank?

Hard water produces limescale, and over time – and despite the best efforts of the QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge – limescale deposits and residue can build up and will begin to harm the efficiency of the heating element inside your tap’s boiler tank. An annual deep clean, which you can think of as simple, ‘tank TLC’ will break down, and flush these deposits away. It’s no different to popping a bottle of cleaning fluid into your dishwasher from time to time or cleaning your coffee machine.


Can I do a tank deep clean myself, or do I need a plumber?

Deep cleaning your QETTLE’s boiler tank is really straightforward and as easy as replacing a filter cartridge. In fact, you can do both jobs at the same time, and you definitely don’t need a plumber. We recommend Kilrock, a tried and trusted cleaner, that comes in handy, 400ml bottles.

Our step by step video shows you exactly how to deep clean your QETTLE’s boiler tank, and there’s also a guide you can download.

In essence, Kilrock is poured into the QETTLE’s filter cartridge housing (the filter cartridge is removed first). The cleaning fluid then flows into the boiler tank. After a short wait for the Kilrock to work its magic, you turn on your tap. It’s likely there will be a crackle and some steam as the Kilrock is dispensed from your QETTLE – along with any debris that  was inside your tap’s tank. And that’s the best bit – knowing that the Kilrock has done its job and that the tank is clean. Don’t be alarmed by the noise, steam or even a little odour – it’s all completely normal.

How much does it cost to deep clean the tank?

Deep cleaning your QETTLE’s boiler tank is inexpensive. A 400ml bottle of Kilrock costs £7.50 inc VAT and shipping. So what’s not to like? Give your tap’s tank some TLC and get your QETTLE back on form for under a tenner.


Watch our step by step video to deep cleaning your QETTLE’s boiler tank

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