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QETTLE Signature

Make a statement with a beautifully engineered, British-made QETTLE Signature boiling water tap. Available in brushed or coloured finishes, Signature taps dispense 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water and normal hot and cold flows.

Signature Modern Signature Modern
Signature Modern Signature Modern
Signature Mini



I am over the moon with the customer service we have received. It is truly rare these days that a company will do everything they can and as quick as they can to resolve an issue. I recommend your company to anyone who will listen. My brother has a different brand of boiling water tap and they have had nothing but issues, it took six weeks just to get the correct filter to be able to use it for the first time. Thank you so much for your help, I believe it’s time for a cuppa

QETTLE Feedback

We have bought a QETTLE and could not be more delighted. The help, patience and understanding of the staff could not be bettered. We have a system that is beautifully made, looks stunning and is 100% efficient. It is half the price of the main competitor. Like others, I would gladly give a rating above the five stars allowed. Highly recommended. Go to QETTLE, get the best.

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QETTLE Modern Stainless Steel
QETTLE Modern Black
QETTLE Modern Brass
QETTLE Modern Gun Metal
QETTLE Modern Copper

* Coloured finishes are small-batch produced. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Every coloured finish is unique. Subtle, tonal differences to those shown digitally can occur.

Signature Modern

QETTLE Modern Stainless Steel
QETTLE Modern Black
QETTLE Modern Brass
QETTLE Modern Gun Metal
QETTLE Modern Copper

Beautifully engineered from stainless steel with understated styling, safe to use and easy to install, a QETTLE Signature Modern tap gives you the simplicity of four flows from a single spout – 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water and normal hot and normal cold water. It’s tap perfection.

Handles feature tactile, knurled detail, whilst the standard, buffed finish perfectly complements stainless steel appliances, fittings and fixtures. Our coloured finishes – each and every one unique – can’t fail to make a statement at the sink. Choose from copper, brass, gunmetal or black.

from £654
or £65.42 p/m


Signature Classic

Over 40 years of design and manufacturing heritage are reflected in the elegant proportions of QETTLE Signature Classic. But whilst its form might be traditional, its function is cutting edge. 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows.

Signature Classic taps feature a gently flared base and spout, with white lever handles working beautifully on Belfast or butler sinks. A choice of coloured finishes perfectly complement rustic kitchens.

from £654
or £65.42 p/m


Signature Mini

Beautifully engineered from stainless steel with understated styling, safe to use and easy to install, a QETTLE Signature Mini tap gives you the simplicity of two flows from a single spout – 100°C boiling water and filtered drinking water. It’s tap perfection.

The semi-matt finish perfectly complements stainless steel appliances.

from £512
or £51.25 p/m


QETTLE in colour

Every QETTLE Signature tap is unique. The colours – brass, gunmetal, black and copper – are achieved by colouring each, individual part of the tap using a specialised PVD process. No two coloured QETTLEs are the same, and whilst tonal differences can occur, this unique characteristic should be regarded as part of the beauty and appeal of the tap’s finish.

Colour finishing our QETTLE Signature taps is a dedicated, small-batch procedure that can sometime incur a modest wait time. But the final result, a lustrous, individual and highly durable finish – won’t fail to turn heads.

Metallic Accents and Influences

Make a colour statement at your sink with QETTLE Signature. Bright brass or warm copper perfectly complement kitchens with metallic accents; gunmetal and matt black work beautifully in monochrome, urban and industrial schemes.

Next colour finished QETTLEs available early January. Pre-purchase now.

Pre-purchase Coloured Signature Modern

Engineering and Craftmanship

Multi-functional, multi-patented QETTLE taps are the latest chapter in a remarkable story of British innovation and design engineering. And as the flagship brand of the Greg Rowe Group, QETTLE has an impeccable pedigree.

Pioneering outstanding product design is what we have done for over 40 years. We are proud that QETTLE’s patent – the first for a mechanical, 4 in 1 kitchen tap – has been globally granted.

reddot award 2016 winner German Design Award Winner 2018

Complete System

QETTLE Signature taps come as part of a complete system that includes your choice of boiler tank – 2L, 4L or 7L – an undersink filter system and your QETTLE’s first filter cartridge. No hidden costs, just one, inclusive price. Why complicate things?

How Does QETTLE Work?

QETTLE is surprisingly simple. Underneath the sink, there’s a compact boiler tank and a filter system. The efficient, insulated tank maintains its volume of water at 100°C. The filter system removes unpleasant contaminants such as chlorine from the flow of drinking water, whilst also minimising the damaging effect of limescale on the boiler tank’s element.

On top, it’s the tech inside the tap that’s really clever. QETTLE conceals four waterways, through which 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold water travel.

Tap specification

A QETTLE tap will fit into a 35mm diameter tap hole, which is the standard sized tap hole – perfect if you’re replacing an existing kitchen tap.

Ideally, there should be 100mm between the centre of the tap hole and the windowsill or upstand. This is to ensure your QETTLE’s lever handle can move freely. But don’t worry if this space is not available. We can fit your QETTLE with a progressive valve – it won’t change its appearance – but it will mean your tap’s handle won’t collide with the windowsill! Just tell us when you’re placing your order.


Whether you’re fitting your QETTLE yourself, engaging a plumber or using a QETTLE Accredited Installer, it’s reassuring to know that installing a QETTLE is fuss-free.

If you’re still doing your homework, a great place to start is our pre-install checklist, which covers everything you need to know from water pressure to working out what will go where under the sink. Our step-by-step installation video is a must-watch.

Installation Checklist

For further information, click through to the full checklist at the bottom.
Pressure Gauge

Connection to a mains water supply, with both the hot and the cold water having a pressure between 1.5 Bar and 5 Bar for a QETTLE Original, or a cold water supply between 1.5 and 5 Bar for a QETTLE Mini.

Pressure Gauge

A standard 13 Amp plug socket to plug in your boiler tank.

Stop Cock

The ability to shut off the water.

Waste Connection

An under sink waste pipe already in place.

Space for your Boiler

Room for your boiler under the sink.


A 35mm hole for the tap and space behind the tap.

Checklist in Full >

Demand for Accredited Installations is high, so please be aware that getting your QETTLE in and kettle out could take a little longer than usual.

Check to see if a QETTLE Accredited Installer is available in your area.



Check to see if your area is covered by one of our QETTLE certified installers

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Good news! We offer installation in your area:

Please select installation when buying a QETTLE tap and we will take care of everything.


Keeping your QETTLE tap in tip top condition is easy. You should replace your QETTLE’s filter cartridge twice a year, and deep clean your tap’s boiler tank annually. Both are quick and easy jobs you can do yourself, without the need for an engineer or making a dent in your pocket.

Buy a replacement filter cartridge and QETTLE boiler tank deep cleaner

2 Years Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with QETTLE's 2 year warranty.

Interest Free Payments

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Spread the cost of your QETTLE with 3, 6 or 10 x 0% interest-free payments

Local Customer Services

UK Customer Service

Our in-house QETTLE Team are here for you before, during and after purchasing your QETTLE.

  • How do boiling water taps work?
    Watch QETTLE's Todd and Dan explain how a boiling water tap works, and understand the difference between a true boiling water tap and an instant hot water tap. A QETTLE tap is connected to an undersink boiler tank and filter system. Boiling water taps are indispensable for everything from instant hot drinks to speedy pans of boiling water for pasta, rice and vegetables. The best boiling water taps are 4 in 1 taps, which in addition to boiling water, also provide filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows of water.
  • How much is a boiling water tap?
    At around just over £500.00 for a complete QETTLE boiling water tap, QETTLE is much more affordable than other 100°C boiling water taps. However, our secret is the ingenious, fully patented tech inside a QETTLE tap. Unlike other boiling water taps, QETTLE does not use expensive, electronic parts. Instead, it uses an award-winning, British-designed mechanical internal system which significantly reduces its cost. Maintenance is simple and inexpensive, and no specialist servicing is required. We have been innovating multi-functional kitchen taps for over 50 years, and we are justly proud of QETTLE’s clever design, performance and affordability. Why not spread the cost of your QETTLE by opting for our new, easy payments with 0% interest?
  • Are boiling water taps safe?
    A QETTLE boiling water tap could be considered as much safer than a kettle. Not only do QETTLE boiling water taps feature two-stage safety and a cool-touch spout, but, unlike a kettle, they are fixed in one place, cannot be pulled by a cable, and cannot topple over, spilling dangerous volumes of boiling water. All QETTLE taps come with a safety clip. When in place, the clip makes it impossible for boiling water to be dispensed. But even with the clip removed, it is still necessary for the tap’s handle lock to be deactivated before boiling water can be accessed. A small button on the tap’s handle must be pressed down at the same time as the handle is turned clockwise. Only then can boiling water be dispensed.
  • What size are the boiler tanks?
    There are three sizes of boiler tanks. 2L, 4L and 7L. A 2L tank provides up to 4 cups of boiling water in one go and is ideal for two-people households. 4L tanks deliver up to 8 cups of boiling water in one go and are our best-selling tank. A 7L boiler tank will provide up to 14 cups of boiling water in one go, so is ideal for larger families and small office/commercial environments.
    QETTLE Boiler Sizes - 2L, 4L and 7L