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  • Colour Finishing

    Every colour finished QETTLE Signature is unique. The colours – brass, gunmetal, matt black and copper – are achieved by colouring each, individual part of the tap using a highly specialised PVD process.

    Colour finishing our QETTLE Signature taps is a small-batch, dedicated process that can incur a wait time of up to 6 weeks. But the final result – a lustrous, completely individual and durable finish – won’t fail to turn heads.

    Pre-Purchase FAQs

    • Do I have to pay for my colour-finished QETTLE in full when I pre-purchase?
      Yes, pre-purchases are charged in full at the time of making your purchase.
    • How long do I have to wait?
      We colour finish our QETTLE Signature taps in small batches of just 10-15 taps at a time. The QETTLE tap’s individual parts undergo an initial preparation, are colour finished and finally, are reassembled and tested. We generally complete this process within a 4-6-week cycle, but how quickly we can get your QETTLE to you will depend on what stage the colour finishing programme is at when you place your order. We will keep you fully updated of your QETTLE’s progress, and when it is ready for dispatch, we will send you an email.
    • What about non-prepurchase products that I order at the same time as my colour-finished QETTLE? When will I receive those?
      Non pre-purchase items e.g. the QETTLE Chiller, will be shipped to you at the same time as your pre-purchased QETTLE.
  • What size Boiler?

    Our three sizes of boiler are suitable for the smallest families to the largest groups ranging from a minimum of 2 litre capacity up to 7 litres.

       2L Boiler 4L Boiler 7L Boiler
    cupsFamily Size Small Medium Large
    cupsLitre Capacity 2 4 7
    cupsCups 4 8 14
    cupsMinutes to Recovery 10 10 15

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Installation Checklist

  • Connection to a hot and cold water supply with a water pressure of between 1.5 Bar and 5 Bar for a QETTLE Original

  • Connection to a cold water supply with a water pressure of between 1.5 Bar and 5 Bar for a QETTLE Mini

  • Access to a standard 13A plug socket (2 sockets if you are also installing a Chiller).

  • The ability to shut off the water.

  • An under sink waste pipe already in place.

  • A 35mm hole for the tap and space behind the tap.

  • When installing a QETTLE Boiler, the minimum size of you're kitchen cabinet needs to be 400mm.

  • If you are installing a QETTLE Boiler and a QETTLE Chiller, the minimum size of you're kitchen cabinet needs to be 600mm.

  • Room for your boiler under the sink.

2L Boiler223 x 170 x 293mm
4L Boiler230 x 182 x 354mm
7L Boiler365 x 235 x 295mm
Filter system90 x 90 x 345mm
Chiller320 x 180 x 370mm

QETTLE Boiler tanks and Chillers require 80mm clearance above them for the hoses.

Please Note: If these conditions are not met, installers may require a return visit which will result in additional charges.

Full list of installation requirements
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