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Commercial Kit

Essential kit for any commercial/workplace installation. Includes a PRV and safeguards against water escape.
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QETTLE’s Commercial Installation Kit is an essential item for any QETTLE tap that is going to be installed within a commercial or workplace setting. The kit comprises three, key components: a shut-off valve, pressure reducing valve (PRV), and water block flood protection device. It is straightforward to fit inline within the undersink plumbing. 
High water pressure and pressure surges are more common in commercial (and particularly multi-storey) buildings than they are in domestic situations. The Commercial Installation Kit’s integrated PRV prevents the QETTLE system from being exposed to the adverse effects of high water pressure.  


The water block is designed to safeguard against flooding, and is battery-powered, so does not rely upon electricity. Fitted with an integral filter system and incorporating a mechanical water meter, it monitors a pre-set volume of water. When the pre-set is exceededthe unit will shut off the water supply. The water block comes with its re-set function already connected which enables the resetting of the device in-situ, if necessary. 


The Commercial Installation Kit is supplied fully assembled and tested, enabling a 'plug and play' installation.