Q06 Carbon Dealk

The Q06 is an alternative filter cartridge for use with QETTLE boiling water taps. Its composition of granular, activated carbon and dealk resin enables it to get tough on the limescale caused by hard water that can be visible as spots of unsightly scum on the surface of hot drinks. The Q06 filter cartridge also removes chlorine and heavy metals.
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Importantly, the Q06 also works hard to prevent limescale from adhering to, and over time, damaging the -performance of the heating element inside your QETTLE's boiler tank. Replacing filter cartridges every 3 - 6 months and annually deep cleaning your QETTLE’s boiler tank - which flushes away hard water debris and residue - will ensure your QETTLE's optimum performance.

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  • The Q06 filter cartridge and tank deep cleaner are QETTLE Care essentials
  • Replace your QETTLE's filter cartridges at the recommended intervals and carry out a tank deep clean annually
  • The Q06 composition uses granular, activated carbon and dealk resin
  • The Q06 removes impurities such as chlorine and heavy metals
  • Filter cartridge is easy to change; replace your cartridge in minutes
  • Assembled in the UK



  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

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