QETTLE Tank Washers

2 x replacement washers for the QETTLE boiler tank, fully compatible with the 2, 4, and 7 Litre boiler tanks.
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As part of our continuous improvements, we began to phase out hoses that require a loose washer in favour of hoses that contain an integrated washer. Depending on the age of your system the hoses may not require a replacement washer. 

We changed the style of the indicators used on the hoses when the change was made in order to make it possible to check, at a glance, which hoses contain a loose washer and which contain an integrated washer.

The table below helps explain:

Inlet and Outlet Hoses

Any hose with a plastic cable tie as the indicator contains a loose washer, whereas any hose with tape used at the indicator contains an integrated washer. If you have a leak from the nut on a hose that contains an integrated washer then you should NOT attempt to replace the washer

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