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QETTLE Undersink Chiller

Undersink chiller compatible with the QETTLE boiling water taps. Delivery 3-5 working days.
SKU: 8425
£312.50 Incl VAT
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Enjoy refreshing, chilled water straight from your QETTLE, 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 kitchen tap. 

Especially selected by QETTLE for its superior performance and compatibility with our boiling water taps. Fits neatly under your kitchen sink and easy to connect to your tap - comes complete with all fixtures and fittings needed. 


  • Easy Fit | Compact | CE-approved | 3 Year Warranty
  • 1.2 Litre Tank Capacity with a low recovery time of 15 mins
  • Dispenses 9 litres of chilled water per hour at between 3-6˚C
  • Superior quality construction - stainless steel reservoir with plastic exterior
  • Load - 10 Amps, Voltage - 230V, Power (compressor) 160W | Cooling Capacity (Δt=5°C/ Δt=14°C)
  • 370mm high x 180mm wide x 320mm deep
  • How much water will the Chiller give me?
    The QETTLE Chiller will provide 1.2 litres of chilled water in one go and up to 9 litres of chilled water per hour.
  • What temperature is the chilled water?
    he chilled water is dispensed at between 3-6°C.
  • What is the chiller’s dimensions?
    370mm high x 180mm wide x 320mm deep
  • Can I fit the chiller to an existing QETTLE?
    Yes. It is very easy to retrofit the QETTLE Chiller. Take care to ensure there is enough space in the cupboard and that the cupboard is properly ventilated, with holes drilled into the back of the cupboard and/or a ventilation grille.