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Water Pressure Gauge 3/4"

Braided stainless steel hose and corrosion-resistant pressure gauge.
SKU: 9.26105
£12.50 Incl VAT
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300mm stainless steel braided hose and corrosion-resistant pressure gauge 9 mm bore and 3/4 inch connection and 1/2" adaptor.

Accurately measures pressure readings prior to installation of appliances. Helps diagnose and locate plumbing problems. Compatible with QETTLE boiling water taps.

Use an outside/garden tap to test your cold water pressure. Outside taps usually have a ¾” BSP connection – so you should be able to screw the pressure gauge straight onto the outside tap. Once the gauge is attached to the tap, turn the tap on and take the pressure reading.

To measure the pressure of your hot water, you will need to turn off the hot water supply. Disconnect the hot water hose from your existing kitchen tap, then connect the pressure gauge to the mains hot water supply. Turn the water supply back on and take a pressure reading.

Watch the video below on how to check your water pressure.