• Q How easy is it to change the filter cartridge?

    It's so easy to change the filter cartridge. Watch the video to find out how!

  • Q Is it easy to install?

    Yes. When designing the Qettle great attention was paid to making it easy to install. No specialist tools are required. Given that there is a convenient electrical plug socket, a competent professional will be able to install and commission a Qettle system in 2 hours or less.

  • Q Can I use it if I have a waste disposal unit?

    Yes! See how installation works alongside your waste disposal.

  • Q Can I use it if I have a Saniflo waste system?


  • Q What should I consider before buying?

    Thinking or about to install a QETTLE boiling water tap? Watch our pre-install video before you open the box!

  • Q Where should I position the tank?

    Information on how much room to leave at the top of the tank and what to do if your Belfast sink leaves you low on space.

  • Q How could my water softener affect tap installation?

  • Q How different work surfaces work with the tap

  • Q What's involved in installation?