Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the tap offer cold filtered water in addition to boiling filtered water?
    Yes, the QETTLE is a fully integrated 4-in-1 tap that offers boiling filtered water and cold filtered drinking water, in addition to normal hot and cold water.
  • Can I position the boiling water handle to suit left or right hand operation?
    No, the QETTLE tap has been designed so that the flow of boiling/filtered drinking water is positioned on the right side of the tap.
  • How do you operate the filtered cold water and the filtered boiling water?
    Operating the filtered boiling and filtered cold water couldn’t be easier. To dispense boiling water simply depress the button to release the safety catch and rotate it. To dispense cold filtered water it is not necessary to press the button, you simply rotate it in the opposite direction.

    The QETTLE's patented design ensures that all the tap’s functions are mechanically activated and do not rely upon complicated and/or expensive electronic controls.
  • I live in a hard water area - is this a problem?
    Hard water affects over 50% of the UK, but it is still variable within those areas. The Q08 filter cartridge that is supplied with a QETTLE system has been especially formulated to protect the boiler’s heating element from the adverse effects of limescale. This is why it so important for filter cartridges to be replaced every 6 months.
  • Does the boiling water vent directly through the spout?
    No, unlike many other hot water taps which release pressure by venting steam and near-boiling water periodically from their spouts, the QETTLE boiler has a built-in pressure relief valve (PRV) and vents directly into the sink waste pipe.
  • What is the boiling water capacity?
    QETTLE tanks come in three sizes. Our 2 litre tank will hold up to 4 cups of water, the 4 litre up to 8 cups and the 7 litre will hold up to 14 cups of boiling water.
  • If I used all the boiling water, how long would the boiler take to recover?
    The recovery time is 10 minutes after drawing off approximately 8 cups of boiling water.
  • How much space do I need behind the tap?

    QETTLE Original, QETTLE Signature Modern and QETTLE Signature Classic with Progressive Valve have all been designed to ensure that even if the space between the tap’s hole and the wall, windowsill or splashback is minimal, the tap’s lever handle will still be functional. This is because these QETTLE taps use a progressive valve to control the flow and temperature of normal hot/normal cold water. The lever is moved only outwards and forwards – never backwards – and so avoids any potential collision with what is behind the tap.   If you are fitting a QETTLE Signature Classic with dual lever handles or a QETTLE Signature Mixer tap, please ensure there is clearance of 10cm between the centre of the tap hole and the wall, windowsill or splashback.


    Watch our video to understand more about the functionality of the progressive valve.

  • What are the QETTLE tap’s dimensions?
  • What is the diameter of the base of the QETTLE tap?
    QETTLE taps require a standard tap hole of 35mm.
  • Can the tap be ‘reversed’?
    Unfortunately the tap cannot be reversed. They are all designed to be fitted so that the boiling and filtered drinking water flows are controlled using the right side of the tap.
  • How do different work surfaces affect the installation of the tap?

    You can install a QETTLE tap onto a variety of different work surfaces. Quartz, granite, marble and other solid surfaces should always be templated by a work surface professional. Bear in mind these work surfaces often come with an ‘underlay’ of fibreboard, which is relatively soft, and, as the tap is tightened up, can move over time. This can cause the tap to wobble, so it is best to remove the soft underlay and ensure the tap is clamped against the hard surface.


    Watch our helpful video about work surfaces to learn more.

  • Can I install a QETTLE in my office?
    A QETTLE system is designed and intended for residential use. Via QETTLE Workplace, QETTLE Signature 7L systems with commercial installation kits are specified for small offices with additional servicing requirements. Please visit our QETTLE Workplace page and get in touch our team.
  • How do you install a QETTLE boiling water tap?

    QETTLE boiling water taps have been designed to be simple and straightforward to install – whether you’re a professional installer or a happy DIY-er. Our step by step installation video will guide you through every aspect of planning and carrying out a QETTLE installation. It’s also worth viewing our pre-installation videos that tackle how much space your QETTLE’s boiler tank and filter system is likely to take up under your kitchen sink, water pressure and power.


    Here’s our step by step installation video.

  • What is the minimum water pressure needed to install QETTLE?

    QETTLE taps need a minimum of 1.5 bar pressure on both hot and cold water feeds. In the UK, it would be unusual for mains cold water pressure to be lower than 1.5 bar, and generally, if your home has a combi boiler or mains-fed hot water system (e.g., a Megaflo), you are likely to have good hot water pressure, too.

    Take care if you have a gravity-fed plumbing system (where hot water is stored, typically in a loft space), as these systems can have lower pressure and will often need a helping hand in the form of a small pump.

    If you are in doubt about your home’s water pressure, ask a qualified installer to measure it for you.


    Our video about water pressure is also helpful.

  • I’ve got high water pressure – is there an upper limit?

    If water pressure is higher than 5 bar, you will need to fit a PRV (pressure reducing valve). The valve is easy to fit, is fitted inline with your tap’s pipework and can be purchased from us.


    Watch our video about why water pressure matters.

  • I haven’t got mains hot water to my sink. Can I still have a QETTLE?

    Yes, you can. Our blender valve is a clever accessory that draws a small amount of boiling water from your QETTLE’s boiler tank and mixes it with normal cold water. The blended water becomes your flow of ‘normal’ hot water. It is the perfect solution if you don’t have a supply of mains hot water to your sink – common in office kitchens, workshops, studios etc. You can also opt for a blender valve as a solution if you have very low hot water pressure. Bear in mind that if you are using a blender valve, upgrading your QETTLE’s boiler tank size is sensible – i.e., opt for a 7L, rather than a 4L.


    Watch our video to learn more.

  • I want to install my QETTLE in a kitchen above ground floor. Do I need to make any special considerations?

    QETTLE taps and systems installed above ground floor – i.e., in an apartment, above a shop etc – should always have a floodsafe device fitted. This is a simple accessory that includes a water block. Should there be a surge in water pressure (common in apartment and commercial buildings) the floodsafe device will be triggered and the water supply will shut off.

    Watch our video to understand more about how the floodsafe device works.

  • What power connection does the QETTLE boiler tank require?
    The QETTLE boiler tank requires a normal, 13 amp power socket under the sink. An extension cable should never be used.
    Watch our video to learn more.
  • Can I have a QETTLE with a waste disposal system?

    Yes, you can. However, it is vital your waste disposal system and your QETTLE do not share a waste pipe.


    Watch our video to find out why.

  • I’ve got a Belfast or butler sink. Can I still have a QETTLE?
    You should be able to, yes. Belfast and butler sinks take up a little more depth than standard sinks though, so if it is a tight squeeze, you might need to consider making a neat cut out in the base of your cupboard, through which you can ‘drop’ the QETTLE’s boiler tank and/or chiller unit. Remember that there should always be 80mm above the boiler tank to ensure hoses and connections are not squashed. If you are in doubt about how to make your QETTLE’s boiler tank work with a Belfast or butler sink, send us a photo, with dimensions and we will help you.  

    Watch our video to learn more.

  • How much does it cost to run?

    On standby, our 4L boiler tank uses 39W. Based on an electricity cost of 28p per kWh, this means the daily running cost of a QETTLE would be 26p.

    If you used 4 cups of boiling water a day, this would add 3.5p to the daily running cost - working out at a cost of just under a penny per cup.

    Please note the usage/cost can differ depending upon whether cups are drawn separately or at the same time.

    Published cost per unit (kWh) of electricity

    Enter the price, per unit, in pence (for example 28)

  • How much space does the QETTLE boiler tank take up?

    Not as much as you might think! A QETTLE 4L boiler tank can be easily accommodated by a 450mm wide kitchen cupboard. Remember that whatever size boiler tank you choose, there must be at least 80mm above the boiler tank. This ensures hoses and connections are not squashed.

  • What is the length of the boiler tank’s power cable?
    It's 1.6m
  • Can I buy longer hoses or hose extensions for the boiler tank and/or filter system?
    Yes, you can extend the length of the hoses that connect your QETTLE tap to its filter system and its boiler tank by up to an additional 1000mm. Remember the further your boiling water has to travel, the more it is likely to drop a degree or so in temperature.
  • What does the vent do?

    It can help to think of your QETTLE’s boiler tank as a big kettle. But, unlike a kettle, which has a spout for steam to escape from, the boiler tank is a sealed unit. So, the vent is there to allow steam to be released and for water droplets to run away into the waste.


    Watch our video to understand more about the vent’s function.

  • Why does the vent have to be a certain height? Can it be reduced?
    The QETTLE vent assembly is 350mm high, which ensures it is compliant with UK Building Regulations. It is possible to reduce the height of the vent but maintaining its full height will ensure it remains compliant with UK Building Regulations.
  • I’ve got a water softener. Can I still install a QETTLE?

    Yes, of course. Ideally, we suggest that a hard (unsoftened) flow of water is fed to the boiling/filtered side of your QETTLE tap, and that softened water is fed to your tap’s normal hot/cold flows. Softened water is subjective, but please note that it is not recommended that babies or very young children drink softened water. The QETTLE filter system will not remove additional sodium from softened water.


    Watch our video to learn more.

  • How do you install the QETTLE Chiller?

    Installing the QETTLE Chiller is very easy. You can fit a chiller at the same time as you install your QETTLE or at a later date, providing you allow adequate space in your cupboard and make provision for ventilation. The QETTLE Chiller is around the same size as the 4L QETTLE boiler tank; a standard 600mm wide cupboard will accommodate a 4L boiler tank and a chiller. Always ensure there is ‘breathing space’ between the boiler tank and the chiller and that additional ventilation is available in the form of holes drilled into the rear of the cupboard or a grille in the ‘kickspace’.


    Watch our video to learn how to install a QETTLE Chiller

  • Should I switch off my tank when going away?

    Yes - be sure to switch your QETTLE off whilst you're away to give you peace of mind. Follow these three easy steps:

    1. Turn your isolation lever to switch the water off.

    2. Turn the switch at the front of the boiler tank off.

    3. Depressurise the tank by running the boiling water for a few seconds.

  • What sort of maintenance does a QETTLE tap need?

    A QETTLE tap and system has two, simple maintenance requirements – its filter cartridge will require replacing twice a year, and its boiler tank will need an annual deep clean. Both are easy, routine jobs that you can do yourself and that are inexpensive. We’ll send you a friendly reminder to let you know when your filter cartridge needs replacing (also watch out for the LED on the base of your tap to flash red) and when it’s time to deep clean your tap’s tank. Filter cartridges cost under £30.00 and tank cleaner costs under £10.00.

  • How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

    You should replace your QETTLE’s filter cartridge twice a year.

  • Does the QETTLE boiler tank need any cleaning?

    Yes. The QETTLE tank should be deep cleaned annually. This is an easy, inexpensive procedure that you can do yourself.

  • What should I use to clean my QETTLE tap?
    Generally, warm soapy water or diluted washing up liquid will keep your QETTLE’s finish looking as good as new. Finish by patting dry with a soft, microfibre cloth.
    Chrome and coloured finishes (copper, brass, matt black and gunmetal) should be treated with particular care and never be subjected to harsh, abrasive cleaning materials. Stainless steel and coloured finishes will benefit from a tiny amount of baby oil.
  • I need to clean my tap’s aerator. How do I do that?
    Occasionally, tiny pieces of debris (eg from building, plumbing or in a new home) can block your tap’s aearator, which will typically result in a less than smooth flow of water. Cleaning the aerator is easy. Simply unscrew the end of your tap, carefully remove the mesh insert and use a natural bristle brush to dislodge any fine particles. Take care not to lose the little O ring just inside the outlet – and ensure it is properly in place when you put it back together.
  • Are there any safety functions on the tap?
    Yes there are 2 safety functions on the handle which operates the boiling water:

    1) A red safety clip.
    This prevents the boiling water from being activated.
    2) A handle safety button.
    A button on the handle must be depressed before you can activate the boiling water.
  • Does the tap get hot to touch when operating the boiling water?
    No, apart from the tip of the spout the surfaces of the QETTLE are safe to touch as they are not in direct contact with boiling water.
  • How easy is it to change the filter cartridge?

    It’s really easy – a 10 minute job! You won’t need a plumber or specialist maintenance engineer. You simply turn off the water to your QETTLE’s boiler tank and filter system using the shut-off valve, unscrew the lower section of the filter cartridge’s housing, remove the old filter cartridge, pop the new cartridge in and reassemble.


    Watch our video to see how simple replacing a filter cartridge is.

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