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4 in 1 TAPS FAQS

How does a QETTLE tap work? Will I still need a normal tap?

Why does QETTLE cost less than other boiling water taps?

How safe is QETTLE?

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  • Does the tap offer cold filtered water in addition to boiling filtered water?
    Yes, the QETTLE is a fully integrated 4-in-1 tap that offers boiling filtered water and cold filtered drinking water, in addition to normal hot and cold water.
  • Can I position the boiling water handle to suit left or right hand operation?
    Yes, the tap can be rotated 180° to suit your personal preference.
  • How do you operate the filtered cold water and the filtered boiling water?
    Operating the filtered boiling and filtered cold water couldn’t be easier. To dispense boiling water simply depress the button to release the safety catch and rotate it. To dispense cold filtered water it is not necessary to press the button, you simply rotate it in the opposite direction.

    The QETTLE's patented design ensures that all the tap’s functions are mechanically activated and do not rely upon complicated and/or expensive electronic controls.
  • I live in a hard water area - is this a problem?
    Hard water affects over 50% of the UK, but it is still variable within those areas. The Q08 filter cartridge that is supplied with a Qettle system has been especially formulated to protect the boiler’s heating element from the adverse effects of limescale. This is why it so important for filter cartridges to be replaced every 6 months.
  • Does the boiling water vent directly through the spout?
    No, unlike many other hot water taps which release pressure by venting steam and near-boiling water periodically from their spouts, the QETTLE boiler has a built-in pressure relief valve (PRV) and vents directly into the sink waste pipe.
  • What is the boiling water capacity?
    QETTLE tanks come in three sizes. Our 2 litre tank will hold up to 4 cups of water, the 4 litre up to 8 cups and the 7 litre will hold up to 14 cups of boiling water.
  • If I used all the boiling water, how long would the boiler take to recover?
    The recovery time is 10 minutes after drawing off approximately 8 cups of boiling water.


  • Are there any safety functions on the tap?
    Yes there are 2 safety functions on the handle which operates the boiling water:

    1) A red safety clip.
    This prevents the boiling water from being activated.
    2) A handle safety button.
    A button on the handle must be depressed before you can activate the boiling water.
  • Does the tap get hot to touch when operating the boiling water?
    No, apart from the tip of the spout the surfaces of the QETTLE are safe to touch as they are not in direct contact with boiling water.

    Filter System & Cartridge

  • How often will the filter cartridge need replacing?
    Your Q08 filter cartridge must be replaced every 6 months to maintain your system’s warranty and ensure consistent performance.

    The QETTLE tap features a cartridge change indicator. It illuminates and flashes red to indicate it is time to replace the filter cartridge.
  • Is it easy to change the filter cartridge?
    Yes. It is quite straightforward job that does not require the services of a plumber.
  • What does the supplied filter cartridge do?
    The Q08 filter cartridge has been specially formulated to do two jobs: provide high quality drinking water and protect the boiler. The Q08 filter cartridge will remove sediment, chlorine and a range of unwanted chemical contaminants and protects the boiler from the effects of limescale and corrosion


  • How much does it cost to run?
    Not as much as you might think. Due to the high-tech nature of its construction the Qettle is highly energy efficient and consumes very little power. Leave the Qettle on standby for 24 hours and it will consume approximately only 0.8 watts of electricity per hour costing around just 3 pence (based on tariff of 14p/kwh). Making the equivalent of 10 mugs (300ml a mug) of boiling water a day will cost as little as 10 pence in total.
  • Will I have to buy other bits and pieces to install it?
    No. The QETTLE is supplied complete with everything needed for installation, including a filter unit. The only possible additional part that would be required is a pressure reducing valve in the event that you water pressure is excessively high i.e. 5 bar (75psi) or above.
  • How much does the Q08 Filter Cartridge cost?
    The Q08 filter costs £26.95 including VAT & Delivery.


  • Is the system compatible with gravity-fed plumbing systems?
    For a satisfactory performance the Qettle requires a minimum water pressure of 1.5 bar (23psi). It will work on a gravity fed hot water system but you are unlikely to be happy with the flow. If your hot water pressure is too low we recommend that you install a suitable booster pump.
  • Is it easy to install?
    Yes. When designing the QETTLE great attention was paid to making it easy to install. No specialist tools are required. Given that there is a convenient electrical plug socket, a competent professional will be able to install and commission a Qettle system in 2 hours or less.
  • How could my water softener affect tap installation?
  • How much space do I need behind the tap?
    All QETTLE taps have a standard hole size of 35mm diameter. If you’re replacing an existing kitchen tap, it’s wise to check the space between the back of your tap and the splashback, windowsill or wall. The QETTLE tap’s lever handle, which is used for flows of normal hot and cold water, needs 10cm to ensure it can be moved all the way back. If you are short on space, don’t worry – you can still have a QETTLE. Just tell us your QETTLE will need to be fitted with a progressive valve. This is a special valve that allows the hot/cold lever to work in a slightly different way, without being obstructed by a wall, windowsill or splashback.


  • What is the warranty period?
    QETTLE systems have a warranty period of 2 years from purchase.