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Q08 Filter Cartridge

The Q08 is the water conditioning cartridge for use with the QETTLE boiling water tap. It is important, particularly in hard water areas, to change the cartridge every 6 months as advised to help prevent limescale forming and protect the boiler.
SKU: Q08
£24.96 Incl VAT
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The Q08 is the only official replacement filter cartridge for QETTLE taps. Its unique composition helps to prevent limescale from building up inside your tap’s boiler tank and damaging its element. The Q08 also tackles unpleasant tastes and odours such as chlorine – ensuring your filtered drinking water stays contaminant-free.

  • The only replacement filter cartridge for all QETTLE taps.
  • Superior filtration media ensures that limescale can’t build up inside your tap’s tank.
  • Keeps impurities such as chlorine at bay – ensuring that filtered water is free from unpleasant odours and tastes.
  • Easy, push-fit fitting – replace your filter cartridge in minutes.
  • Assembled in the UK.
  • 98% biodegradable.


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